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For Her ten dogs, Supreme Master Ching Hai is their most beloved Mommy. She bathes them, cooks meals, sings songs, takes them for walks, and plays with them. In return, Her dogs give Supreme Master Ching Hai loving comfort at just the right time. When Supreme Master Ching Hai meditates, they all meditate with Her.

Supreme Master Ching Hai believes that dogs are not only loyal, but are also very loving. Benny is Master Ching Hai's first adopted dog (Maltese). Benny is very compassionate and caring. If someone is sad, he comes to offer comfort and love to that person till he or she is cheered up.

One of Supreme Master Ching Hai's attendants used to pretend to cry, and Benny would always come to him and shower him with kisses every time. If he finds an injured bird or animal , he will sit there on guard until Supreme Master Ching Hai comes over and takes care of it. Supreme Master Ching Hai said when he is on guard, "he is ever so quiet and gentle as not to frighten the wounded creature."

Lucky was "saved" by Supreme Master Ching Hai from a pound in Florida, USA. Back then, he was on "death row", severely sick, and the pound was ready to euthanize him.

When Supreme Master Ching Hai saw him in the pound, She immediately got him out and took him to the hospital to receive emergency medical services. "Lucky's teeth were decayed. He had carbuncles all over the body, and he stunk like a dead corpse." Supreme Master Ching Hai searched all over to find the best veterinarian and dentist in the US for Lucky to receive all kinds of emergency medical services and dental surgery.

During the three months of medical treatment, Supreme Master Ching Hai wore special quarantine clothing and played with Lucky in the pen. She comforted and took care of him to make him understand that someone in this world really cares for him and loves him. Master Ching Hai said, "During the three months he was quarantined, I came daily to play with him in the pen, he loved to play with a tennis ball the most." Under Supreme Master Ching Hai's meticulous loving care, Lucky was finally reborn to become a happy and healthy dog. Those who have heard Lucky's story have all expressed that he is really "lucky".

Escaping from Death's Door, Lucky becomes a veggie dog.

Since Lucky was ill for a long time, his fur had become discolored.. To make Lucky look better and feel more confident during his recovery, Supreme Master Ching Hai used color made from fruits to make a dye Herself and dyed Lucky's hair into pink (Master Ching Hai avoids using commercial dyes because of the concern that the chemical ingredients might cause some harm to the animals). As a result, "Lucky turned into Pinky Lucky."

Supreme Master Ching Hai said that Lucky was afraid to be alone, he liked to stay in his corner, but he is okay now. "His big and innocent, happy eyes are beautiful, contrary to the sad look he had when we first met." Not only did Lucky fully recover, but he also became a total veggie dog.

From nearly dead to physically fit - Revealing the secrets of a vegetarian dog

Being a vegetarian all Her life, Supreme Master Ching Hai's adopted dogs all became veggie dogs. Her dogs love veggie bones the most. Supreme Master Ching Hai stated that it is best to feed dogs with food that is freshly prepared, also it is best to feed them with fresh vegetables and fruits twice a week. To formulate a more balanced diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai worked with Her disciples to develop a dog food that is appropriate for all dogs so that they can have a change of diet and also maintain balanced nutrition. (Refer to:


Happy was also adopted by Supreme Master Ching Hai from a pound in Florida. Once, Supreme Master Ching Hai was too burdened with pain and let out some cries from Her bedroom, and Happy was beside herself with panic! "She ran around me and kept crying till I stopped." Another dog, Lucky, also threw himself on my lap and keep whining, too. "Then both of them lay beside me for the whole night; they wouldn't leave. Other dogs also hung tight next to me!"