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Supreme Master Ching Hai, as she has affectionately become known to those whose lives she has touched, lives a message that walks the way of love. A renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual visionary, her love and assistance extend beyond all cultural and racial boundaries to millions of people around the world.

As one can see from these samples of past years' contributions, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members are immediate to serve wherever there is a need. They especially assist those who live in areas that are underserved.

The dispatch of assistance from members of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association is also so immediate that it is often the first to arrive at a disaster scene. Team members work so quickly and efficiently that it is rare for the Association's efforts to receive mainstream news coverage. For example, after the 9-11 tragedy in New York, Association members were not only one of the few groups granted access to Ground Zero, they were allowed to stay for several weeks, serving food and coffee every day to the relief workers and others. This endeavor, as well as other contributions made directly to injured or surviving family members, totaled about US$360,000. The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association was also first on the scene after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma; in Indonesia in 2005 for relief efforts after the tsunami, and to assist after the 9-21 earthquake in Formosa ( Taiwan ) in 1999.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's help reaches almost all corners of the world. Since Association members reside in nearly every country of the world, they can respond to disasters very immediately and can communicate in the native language. This is often a source of great comfort for the victims of disaster.


In addition to direct assistance in response to disaster, Supreme Master Ching Hai also makes significant contributions to other helping organizations such as the United Nations and the International Red Cross, Action Aid, NSPCC, WWF, Salvation Army, Medecins Sans Frontieres, American Veteran's Association, animal protection organizations, orphanages, and many other charitable foundations or groups who help war victims, AIDS patients, lepers, the disabled, needy children, the elderly, destitute students, etc.

Other types of humanitarian contributions from Supreme Master Ching Hai include those made to help people rebuild their lives in a positive way. For example, many wells were dug in Cambodia and in Kenya for potable water; and thousands of tons of rice were contributed to alleviate famine in North Korea and Cambodia . Refugee camps in the countries of Hong Kong, the Philippines , Thailand , Singapore and Indonesia also received financial and material contributions.

The report,

"Humanitarian Relief Activities by the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association," is by no means complete, though we did try our best to compile. Furthermore, official records were not kept before 1989 and, not counting Her quiet, private contributions worldwide, Supreme Master Ching Hai has also contributed through many other humanitarian works since 1984 when She began spiritual teachings in Formosa (Taiwan).

Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited three times to give lectures at the United Nations. She was awarded in 1993-1994 The World Peace Award, the World Spiritual Leadership Award, and in 2006 the GUSI Peace Prize.

She established Supreme Master Television, which, through 14 satellites worldwide, spreads positive programs, promotes compassion to animals, and lifestyles filled with peace and nobility to all.

In 2007, on behalf of our animal friends, Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote "The Dogs in My Life" and "The Birds in my Life". Both books became best sellers on Amazon on-line bookstore and created warm responses all over the world.


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